Guidance for “Half-day nursery in the adaptation period”


  1. For the first day, your child is expected to stay only one hour for his or her smooth launch of the Smart Giraffe life.
  2. For the first week, you are strongly recommended to bring him or her to Center for succession 3 or 5 days, in order to make him or her surely accustomed to  Smart Giraffe class environment.
  3. For the next week, he or she is supposed to gradually increase time spent in the Center, depending on his or her adaptation condition.
  4. Finally, your teacher will decide timing to move on to full time care (10:00 – 14:00).
  5. Besides, you could stand by in the waiting space of Center or you are expected to come to Center as soon as you get called (please be aware that you are allowed to attend the class but informed your child’s condition through your teacher.)
  6. This Half-day nursery includes some special programs such as ‘Music’, ‘Dancing’, ‘Calligraphy’ and ‘Drawing’ .
  7. In this adaptation period, the ‘psychologist’ also takes care of your child, and can give its professional feedback to you.


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