We are waiting for you in our summer kindergarten!

We are waiting for you in our summer kindergarten!

1. Convenient time

We are opened weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00

2. Explore different jobs

Your children can be designers or writers, photographers or illustrators, sellers or bookbinders, and try out many other interesting jobs.

3. Groups according to the age

Our mini-kindergarten is divided into similar-age groups, so every child feels maximally comfortably.

4. Walking and games

Daily walks and active games in the open air

5. Sports

Gymnastics, different exercises for balanced growth of your child

6. Individual lessons

English, German, arts, dancing, music, Work with speech therapist and psychologist

7. Workshops

Our teachers and interesting crafts from different materials will help your child to dive into imaginatively world and to create true small masterpieces.

8. You chose optimal conditions for your child 


Further information you can get in our centre 

Address: Leninsky prospect 126

Phone +7(968)588-14-77


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